Female Superiority

Everyone Benefits

Female Leadership Joy

You don't need to embrace female superiority to practice and enjoy female led relationships and female domination. Women who still believe in 'gender equality' are just as capable of ruling their relationships. However, if you have concerns about the 'fairness', social dynamics, or ethics of a female dominated relationship, learning more about the ideas of female superiority might be just what you need.

If you already love FLRs and female domination, you may enjoy considering the wider implications of these ideas. Female leadership and domination of a relationship is normal, natural, benefits both sexes, and seriously increases happiness. Female leadership and domination of a society has the same logic, uses the same methods, and achieves the same results, on a much larger scale.

If you are interested in women's empowerment, or accept the principles of female superiority, you are probably already excited about the great potential for social progress that female leadership has to offer. Consider how the very same methods used in female domination can be applied to every aspect of life, from individual relationships to society as a whole. The potential benefits to all of humanity are staggering.
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