No pain, no gain.

It's Always a Good Time
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Spanking safely is important - if you are new please read FAQ before spanking.

It's Always a Good Time
It's always a good time for him to learn one lesson or another. Consensual spanking is a form of physical, mental, and emotional therapy that is a powerful vehicle for bodily stress release, self-improvement, and breaking through emotional barriers. Spanking your man is not about hurting him because you hate him, but because you love him. Just like chastity, he won't like it at first, but it is good for him, so you are doing him a favor by insisting upon it. Spanking should occur at any time you say, with or without giving him a reason. The primary reason for spanking your man is usually to reinforce your authority. These spankings are less extreme, and usually quite regular. The secondary reason is for pleasure, as this is an activity most women find they enjoy. These can range from less to more extreme depending on your interests and how much you have trained him to take for you. It is a great way to relieve stress, play with your partner, and take out your frustrations with the little things about your partner that might bug you. The final reason is for punishment, and these tend to be more severe. A real punishment spanking regresses the male mind and makes sure your lesson really sinks in. No matter why you spank, your man will be reminded of your authority every time he sits down!

Consent - Accepting Female Authority

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