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Many women keyholders ask themselves two questions: 'have I kept him locked up too long' and 'should I keep him locked up longer?'
The answer to the first is a definite no. There is no such thing as locked up too long, and if your man tries to tell you otherwise, he is misled or trying to deceive you, either of which could certainly warrant an even longer lock up.
The answer to the second question is more complex. The short answer is yes, absolutely the longer you go at a time the more it will benefit you both. The long answer is it absolutely depends on the nature of your relationship, your progress into chastity control, his experience level, and of course his expectations based on what you have agreed to. It is, after all, important for you to live up to your end if you expect your man to live up to his.
It is always best to start slower and ease an inexperienced man into accepting chastity control. Men are used to masturbation and having orgasms, and almost all men will believe it to be difficult and a major sacrifice at first. A good general rule is the duration of chastity should increase over time, so that the benefits continue to multiply, as well as his submission to you. This is not universal, however, as it depends on how you use chastity, what your aims are, how interested you are in having PIV intercourse, and how committed you are to controlling your man.

It's Your Decision
Some women enjoy playing chastity games with their men, without his agreeing to give them the final say. This is fine for some, but not for a truly female led relationship. To experience the real benefits of chastity, he must agree to give you full control. If your man truly cares more for your happiness than his own, he should be glad for the opportunity to prove his devotion and love to you. You should probably consider taking a serious reappraisal of a man who would rather have selfish orgasms than put you first and become a better person under your leadership. If you want him to take pleasing you seriously, chastity release has to be entirely your decision.

Now that chastity release is under your control, where it belongs, it's time to consider strategies. A common strategy, especially for beginners, is the scheduled release. One reason for choosing the scheduled release option is than many men, especially those new to chastity, will probably whine like little boys about how hard it is, and when will they get to have their next release. Chastity works best when it is both a carrot and a stick. By making sure there is a release date on the horizon, less experienced chastised men will have less trouble accepting their condition. Of course, it is absolutely vital in this type of arrangement that your man knows that serious infractions or behavior that greatly displeases you will get that date pushed back. Without this threat, the effectiveness of chastity is greatly diminished.

Once your man has become a bit used to chastity, and perhaps even to his regular schedule of releases, it is a good idea to take them away on a whim, either here and there or even as often as you like. It helps to keep firm in your man's mind that chastity and release aren't about simple reward and punishment. Chastity is about giving you everything that you want, sacrificing simply for your happiness, and putting you in the driver seat of every aspect of your relationship that you choose. Release dates are only guide posts, you are the leader.

Earned or Points System
Another popular strategy is one based on earned releases, or even point based reward. These systems allow you to focus your specific goals for your man, such as housework, attentiveness, concern for your happiness, and general obedience. This method allows you greater ability to put off releases, and to insist upon higher and higher standards of service, as you are the judge of what merits adding or taking away of points. This method also allows for directly earned releases, where your frustrated man will agree to things he might be reluctant to agree to just to earn a release. As always, the important thing is to keep him highly motivated to obey and please you.

By far the most popular strategy is arbitrary release, as it gives you the most control. Many chastity systems that start out with scheduled or earned releases transition over time to arbitrary. For more experienced chastised men, shorter terms of being locked and expected releases become normal, and may even lose some effectiveness after a while. Nothing puts pleasing you as much as possible foremost in your man's mind like the knowledge than keeping you happy is his only chance of earning the orgasms he craves. The ablility to push that power to any limit will keep your man wrapped around your finger, with no end in sight.

Why Not Go For Longer?
No matter which system you choose, it is usually best to ask yourself if it wouldn't be better to go longer. Since the answer is so often yes, why not exercise your power, since it is for his own good anyway. Most women keyholders come to take great pleasure from denial, and the sexual power it gives them over their men. For increased psychological effect, have your man be the one to beg you to keep him locked up longer, and make sure his pleas sound sincere and appreciative. It will help teach him the proper way he should be thinking about chastity, and put him that much further under your spell.

Keeping your man locked longer because you choose it is a fun and effective option, but most women with men in chastity have a rule or two which automatically extend their period of chastity. Asking to be let out of chastity is usually the number one violation. A man asking to be let out of chastity is putting his interests first, is certainly not grateful for your chastity control, and is thinking of chastity as a burden instead of a wonderful opportunity for self improvement and relationship happiness. A hard dose of even more chastity is the least you can do to start curing this unhealthy impulse and his insubordinate behavior.

Ultimate Denial
Eventually, you can put an end to his releases and orgasms entirely, and enjoy a long, happy, healthy, and extremely sexually active relationship. If his releases are important to your sexual life, and your desires, you may decide never to take the ultimate step in chastity control. More and more women, however, are choosing this bold step forward, due to the increasing variety and quality of modern stimulation devices for women, as well as the many ways an enthusiastic and focused man can provide gratification without using his penis. It is true that keeping the hope of orgasms around is a powerful motivating tool, so many who choose this strategy keep releases on an arbitrary basis officially, and simply phase his releases out naturally. If he is well trained enough, you shouldn't ever hear a complaint about it, since he should know that asking only pushes a release further away. As a result, you can choose perminant denial without having to inform him, reducing any possible drop in the quality of his service to you. Medically speaking, there is no reason why a man needs to ever have a release or orgasm to live a long and healthy life, so ultimately your preferences are the only thing that matters.

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