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Selecting the right belt requires a sense of the style, function, and level of security you are looking for. It may also require a bit of trial and error to get the fit that is just right for you. First time users and those newer to chastity are probably best suited to testicle cuff styles, as they are the least bulky, and can be worn indefinitely. Many women also enjoy the classical look of the full waist belt, but for most peoples life situations they are more for fun than function. For those already fully immersed in male chastity, long-term ability to wear and security are top considerations.

Size Does Matter
Getting the right belt size is critical. Belts that are too large or too long will not successfully prevent partial erections or orgasmic ejaculation. Belts with base rings with too much space may also allow erection and orgasm, and can be much more uncomfortable than a tighter fitting belt. You want to get a ring that fits snuggly and does not allow for too much movement, since the additional space will cause the ball sack to catch at times during movement and sleep, which is the main cause of chaffing and discomfort from wearing a belt. Some amount of chaffing and discomfort is going to happen, but keeping it to a minimum will make your chastity boy much happier to be locked up for you. You want him to focus on the sexual frustration rather than physical discomfort. Likewise, belts that are too small for the flaccid penis are also undesirable. There should be a very slight room inside the cage for the penis to grow from flaccid to the first stages of arousal. You want to prevent erection, but not inhibit the initial swelling of the penis when blood rushes to it during arousal. A belt with too much extra space does not fit correctly and will not do its job properly. If the ring you are using, or the ring that comes with the belt is too small, chaffing will also occur far more frequently, and wearing the device will be uncomfortable most of the time. You want to use the smallest diameter ring that you can that does not cause the ball sack to bunch up on itself. Holding the ring firmly against his pelvis, carefully pull down on his balls until the skin on the back of his sack is smooth. If you can do this easily and there is minimal bunching at the base, your ring is not too small. Now hold the belt by the end of the cage and pull it forward. The belt should pull away from the pelvis and be restricted by the balls. If the balls still cannot escape, and the penis cannot easily be pulled out of the back of the cage portion when flaccid, the ring is probably not too large. For best results and for the sake of security, always use the smallest ring possible that is not too tight. Remember if your man is new to chastity or reluctant, he will probably claim it is too tight even if it isn't truly so. Chastity belts are supposed to be tight, restrictive, and at times uncomfortable, this is natural and desirable. Wearing cages requires some getting used to, and even the most experienced men in chastity have times of discomfort and less than optimum skin and belt interactions. Just have your man stick with it, keep his personal lubricant handy to apply to the balls during discomfort, and adjust the ring or device as necessary.

Testicle Cuff Plastic
Easily the most popular, the plastic testicle cuff is effective and easy to wear. Depending on the lock, security ranges from low to medium. These belts are very popular because they are light, simple to use, and available in many styles. Since they are plastic, they are slightly more abrasive to the skin than metal or silicone, and while the majority of users choose these plastic belts, lubricant will be needed at times, an easy and effective remedy for any chaffing that might arise. Depending on the belt, ability to orgasm while in the belt is medium, possible but usually quite uncomfortable.

Testicle Cuff Silicone
More popular these days due to the soft material it can seem like an ideal option, but be aware of potential drawbacks. Depending on the lock, security ranges from low to medium. Depending on the belt ability to orgasm while in the belt is high, and it may be possible for him to ejaculate without discomfort, defeating one of it's primary purposes. One advantage is most of these belts have ball separators, which reduces that risk, but the soft material still allows stimulation of the shaft and head, making masturbation possible, and only slightly uncomfortable.

Testicle Cuff Metal
Despite the disadvantage of setting off metal detectors, metal testicle cuff styles are fashionable and functional. These belts have all the utility, ability to be worn, and security as the plastic variety, and while heavier, some wearers find these belts more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Metal belts are also generally easier to keep clean, but due to their heft, are harder to get in just the right size for your man. It is important not to get a metal cage with any amount of space, both inside the cage and especially between the base ring and the cage. If you choose metal cages, make sure they are as snug as possible. Depending on the lock, security ranges from low to medium. Depending on the belt ability to orgasm while in the belt is medium, possible but uncomfortable.

Waist Style
Classic looking and highly effective, waist style is a great belt for more advanced chastity boys. These belts cannot be worn in the shower, most do not allow full bathroom use, and are not good belts for daily use by women who do not live with their chastity boys. They are good for play or service time, formal presentation, or to be worn for specific periods of time. If you do like with you man, they can be used as the primary belt if you let your man out at home when you can supervise him, or if you supplement it with a cuff style belt for when he is not at home. Due to these limitations, very few women choose these as their main day to day belt for their men, rather as a belt for specific times or functions. Some are simple testicle cuff style with an added belt, and function as a more secured version of those belts, but there are also many belts which secure in other ways and increase the ability of the keyholder to keep her man locked down and his hands off his testicles. Belts which cover the balls entirely are often custom and usually very expensive, but they feature the highest security level, no ability to orgasm, or even to stimulate in any way. The ultimate in male frustration! Depending on the lock, security ranges from medium to high. Depending on the belt ability to orgasm while in the belt is medium to high, less possible and very uncomfortable.

Chastity Piercing
While very much not something most would even consider, penis piercing is an option that allows for advanced chastity control. Once an penis is pierced, total prevention of erection and ejaculation is possible with simple devices that do not need to use the balls for an anchor, as the invasive nature of these devices make it impossible to get hard or get off. Controlling your man with a piercing is absolutely not necessary for effective chastity control, and should not be considered simply for increased security. Piercings can get infected, and require constant cleaning and maintenance, and the invasive nature of the devices require additional monitoring. The piercing itself is very painful, and can reduce the functionality of the penis, and many devices limit urination requiring you to attend his bathroom use. The only two reasons to ever consider going this route are that you are really into this idea and very much want to convince him to get this procedure, or that he really loves the idea and is likewise serious about having it done for you. While those that desire this should certainly not be discouraged, in general this method is not recommended.

Spiked and Barbed Belts
These belts can be a fun way to add some torture to your sexy fun, teasing, or general turning your man on, but they are not a good idea for regular use. The metal variety are very painful and can cause damage to the penis if worn too long. The silicone variety, while more wearable and less dangerous, will certainly irritate your man's penis with extend use. Remember that the best way to train your man is by sustaining his general level of horniness, and deny stimulation and ejaculation. These belts begin to train your man to not want to get aroused, and over time will teach his mind not to want to get an erection, which will actually disadvantage you. If used for specific situations or reasons, they can be an exciting training tool that will get your man more eager than ever to get back into his non-spiked cage, which is certainly an attitude that will serve you well.

Shocking Belts
Electrical chastity belts are a shockingly effective training tool. Just like spiked cages, they are absolutely not appropriate for your man's day to day belt. They cannot be worn in the shower, are not a good thing to be wearing around bodies of water, and in case of some rare, unforeseeable malfunction, shouldn't be worn by your man at anytime he isn't with you. Like spiked cages, they can be utilized for fun, punishment, or training for reasonable periods of time safely, and can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. While generally more expensive, and certainly less common, you may choose to add one of these devices to take his mental conditioning to a very high degree.

Belt Additions
Chastity belts are effective enough with the most basic models that no additions are necessary to train a man to exceptional levels. If you have specific interests that require additions, you may choose to explore these optional choices. Two of the more common additions are catheter tubes and anti-pull-out rings. Catheter tubes require monitoring, cleaning, and can easily become uncomfortable, but they do prevent any possibility of ejaculation while still in the cage, and yet allow urination without you having to let him out for it. Most men find them uncomfortable, and since they are a potential health concern they are not a very popular choice. They can also cause a widening of his urinal tract over time, which can lead to dripping and even a loss of urination control, a messy and unfortunate situation with no benefit to you. Some belts allow for the addition of anal plugs that are attached to the cage. While not useful for daily wear, they are a fun and secure way to add another dimension to chastity during service, play, or love making, just remember that mobility will be decreased and plan your situations accordingly. Anti-off spikes are another addition which seem like a good idea, but in practice are best used for short periods of time only. While full time wear should not cause the same loss of interest in arousal that spikes inside the cage will, the small additional security they provide is not really worth the additional pain they will give your man throughout the day. Most men wearing them find they get pricked with the spikes while moving around, sleeping in bed, or at other inopportune times that make wearing the belt a chore instead of simply an impediment. Choose them if you wish, but they will almost certainly not help your man embrace his chastity cage and learn to love wearing it for you.

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