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Chastity makes your man susceptible to your control, and denial retrains his mind, but to truly melt his mind and melt away his resistance, no part of chastity is more effective than teasing. No matter what duration you are allowing your man between orgasms, the more you tease and deny, the more influential that period of chastity will be on your man's mind.

Visual Teasing
Your beauty and natural sex appeal have always served you well in dealing with men, and cage chastity is going to take that to a whole new level. Orgasm denial keeps men horny and easy to arouse, and when locked most men will find women sexier in general, and none more so than you. You need only be yourself, dress as you always dress, and act as you always act, yet your man will look at you as never before. You are now as desireable to him as possible, the focus of his attention and desire, and the center of his entire sexual world. The full power of natural female magnitism is now unleashed. If you choose, you can also achieve powerful teasing with minimal effort by dressing sexier, or wearing less clothes around the house. What would drive him wild before will now drive him that much further into the palm of your hands.

Physical & Mental Teasing
When men are locked in a chastity cage, any physical interaction will tease or arouse him in some way, and have impact on his mind. Simple things like just being near you, touching you, kissing, hugging, caressing, rubbing, and snuggling, which always enhanced your intimacy, will now also enhance his chastity training. The majority of women prefer these kinds of intimate activities more often than sex. Cage chastity allows you to train him by denial and simultaneously tease him to greater arousal, all while giving you more of what you want.

Key Teasing
The reasons for teasing your man locked in hs chastity cage with the key are obvious, as are the effects. The more desperate he is to be unlocked, the more effective this form of teasing will be. As always, emphasizing and demonstrating your power to him is key!

Denying him orgasms doesn't mean you can't still have fun with his penis. Now that you own it, you can put it to good use for fun that also seriously benefits his training. Teasing the cock directly is unmatched in it's affect on the mind of a man locked in a chastity cage, and seriously magnifies your power over his desires. Cockteasing successfully requires a careful approach, to keep teasing from turning into an unintended ejaculation. The teasing methods listed here are in order from least likely to cause accidental ejaculation to most likely.

Cage Teasing
Oral Cage Teasing
Unlocked Teasing & Edging

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